A question of Consent

An involving and challenging workshop

Relationship and Sex Education

Highly skilled and experienced performers and facilitators perform scenes, inspire discussions, and inform pupils on issues around consent, coercion, gender stereotypes,  unsafe behaviour and abusive relationships.

"It changed my perception of rape as something that only happens in a dark alley (the media view). It could be someone you know, and within a relationship, and that has made me more aware"

                         Year 12 student St Albans High School

This session examines the complexities surrounding consent. The workshops especially focuses on what is right in terms of behaviour and explores mental and physical health within relationships.  The group will watch performed scenes that explore consent from a chance meeting, within a relationship and also from a coercive and abusive perspective. Pupils are involved in considering personality types, communication styles,  sexual attitudes and the complex influences on our behaviour.

Minimum 50 minutes

Maximum 80 minutes

Participants up to 80

Years 9-13 

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This project is interactive and workshop based. There are performed scenes, activities, discussions and Q and A


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Different types of relationships • Trust • Respect • Honesty • Boundaries • Consent • Privacy • Challenging & understanding stereotypes • Coercion • The Law • Mental & Physical wellbeing •  Pornography •  STI's • Pressure • Drugs • Sexuality • Suicide  • Rape • Body image • Self Esteem • 

"You have been a super organisation to work with over the years and I have been grateful for the flexible and friendly way you have worked with us. I know the programmes have been very worthwhile for our students."

                         Retiring Head of Extended Learning, Kingsbury School