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"It is remarkable that each year you give us something special both in terms of the drama performances but also in the workshops. The responses of the pupils throughout the day and their comments to us the following week indicate just how much they enjoyed and appreciated it"

                         Head of PSHE Haberdashers Aske's School

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We invented a 'fly-on-the-wall' documentary called 'Beyond the Surface' and created a live show and a film around it. The episode "Changing Britain" is fast paced, involving and informing as we flick between two young people watching the show, the secretly recorded people in the show and a range of other programmes, adverts and media influences.
The format is brilliant for involving everyone as it creates scope to look at all the issues connected to puberty and the many changes that can take place in the lead up to the teenage years.
The film project for years 5 & 6 includes a full length film, teaching resources,  optional live or digital workshops by our team and staff training.
The live shows and workshops are adapted to be age appropriate and relevant to each year group.
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30-45 minutes

Audience live up to 180

Film - 1 year licence

Shows - yr 5 & 6

Film yr 5 & 6

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Live or digital follow up interactive sessions

Minimum 45 minutes

Multiple timetable and delivery options available.


Free teaching resources for staff

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links to PSHE & R.S.E Statutory Guidelines


Training sessions available for staff on project topics, including resources.

Creative, involving and engaging classroom solutions

From teenagers to parents, the pub to the school play ground, the opinions of school children to doctors and psychologists, this project is an excellent springboard for follow-up workshops or to run our supplied classroom resources.
The project meets a range of PSHE and RSE guidelines and covers:
Puberty : Emotional & Physical aspects Relationships : Friends, family, romantic 
Risk taking : Pressure, responsibility 
Influences :  Internet, family, friends & media 
Bereavement • Divorce  • Moving home  • Body image • Changing school  • Health • Mental health • Self esteem
Take a look at our educational pantomimes. This one's has a theme around health and wellbeing! Brilliant for the whole school. 
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