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We believe that the key to effective partnership is equally considering the desired aims of each partner involved. At 'Tip of the Iceberg' our main focus is to develop effective creative strategies as we endeavour to combine the needs and aims of departments whilst incorporating the interests of the target audience.

Our work has included partnership projects with Mental health groups, Health Departments, Educational establishments, Social Care Departments, Road Safety teams, Youth Connexions, Youth Councils,  Integrated Practice Teams, and the NHS,  on a broad range of events and initiatives.

Large corporate organisations and companies have commissioned us for one of performances and also ongoing large events, including Eurostar Trains, Perrier,  and Baccardi.

The projects we have created include; performances, workshops, training, event presenting, publicity and promotion. Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company have extensive experience and a range of means for developing, delivering and evaluating projects and the work we deliver.

Below is an example of some of our work.

Please contact us if you would like us to work in partnership with you.

Examples of past projects

  • Commissioned 6 times across 6 years by the road safety team.

    • Designed and delivered workshops for 6th form students including performed scenes and exploring attitudes to driving.

    • Scripted and filmed an accident reconstruction.

    • Created and filmed classroom resources for use in schools.

    • Performed live accident reconstructions for events.


    Council Commission
    Live presentations
    Classroom resources
  • Working closely with the social care team across 3 years.

    • Running regular workshops and focus groups.

    • Developing content for training film

    • Working with young people, parents, carers, social care staff to film content.

    • Edit and production of film.

    • Development of training materials.

    Coming into


    Commissioned by the Children Looked after team
    Consultation workshops and film development.
  • Commissioned 2 years running by the Teenage pregnancy strategy:

    • Undertook research and focus groups with target audience to inform development of project.

    • Created a new piece of theatre with follow up workshops and delivered to 40 schools.

    • Co-ordinated tour and staff training in schools.

    •Produced detailed evaluations and an extensive report on the delivery and outcomes.


    Theatre in eduction
    Touring play & Workshops
    Classroom resources
    Detailed evaluation and reporting of outcomes
  • Commissioned across 2 years by the safe and sustainable transport team.

    • Designed and delivered a play and workshops in secondary schools.

    • Workshop content was documented to inform council policy and further planning.

    • Improving sustainability.

    • Information giving and gathering

    A to B

    Council Commission
    Theatre in eduction tour
    Play & Workshops
    Classroom resources
    Detailed evaluation and reporting of outcomes
  • Consultation and advice during the play development.

    • Directing the theatre production.

    • Designing interactive workshops and training facilitators.

    The Cost of

    a Player

    In partnership with the Premier League & Alex Gwyther
    A play and workshops with a focus on mental health.
  • A partnership project to create and deliver training and support sessions.

    • Working with adults to improve communication skills

    • An opportunity to build confidence.

    • Creating performed scenes and role play opportunities.

    • Practical and involving weekly sessions.

    A Question

    of Talk

    Charity Commission
  • 60 theatre companies applied and we succeeded in our bid to create an informative and entertaining theatre experience.

    • A 3 week turnaround to travel to European cities via Eurostar and create a scripted performance.

    • 6 scenes, 8 hours a day for 13 days.

    • Weaving information about Eurostar's sustainable policies and tread lightly campaign into performances for a varied audience.

    • Working and meeting the needs of a combination of clients.

    High Speed 


    Eurostar & BeCause UK
    Live theatre experience
    At the Start Garden Party
    Clarence House
  • Designing focus groups and workshops to gather information for research reports.  Holding interviews and delivering detailed papers based on qualitative and quantitative data

    • 4 month project on sexual health and information for children looked after.

    • 4 month project on attitudes around education for the refugee and traveller team.

    • Workforce reform review.

    Research &


    Council Commision
    Individual intervies
    Focus Groups
    Detailed report writing
  • Workshops and training packages from an afternoon to ongoing projects.

    • Developing content.

    • Facilitating sessions.

    • Writing scripts and directing scenarios.

    • Supplying role play performers.

    • Producing and writing films.

    Clients include:

    NHS, Youth Connexions, Social work and care teams, Teachers, Herts Young Homeless.

    Staff Training

  • Commissioned by the participation team across 2 years to create sessions that informed young people about the Youth Charter.  Findings from carefully considered activities and exercises informed council policy.

    • Developing content.

    • Liaising with schools, youth groups, charities.

    • Co-ordinating tour.

    • Processing data and report writing.

    My Rights

    My Voice

    Council commision
    School workshops
    Community engagement
    Youth groups
  • Performances, entertainment and experiences.

    • Writing and producing.

    • Working closely with partners.

    • Highly experienced practitioners and performers.

    • Workshops and experiences.

    Clients include:

    Eurostar, Perrier, Barcadi, Town councils, Westfield Shopping Centres, Bangkok Motor Show, Glastonbury Festival, Bestival.

    View what we do


    Theatre &


    Brand Awareness
    Public engagement
We believe that RSE and PSHE needs to be as exciting and compelling as the media and commercial influences it contends with.
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