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Entire PSHE and Wellbeing Packages

What a busy few weeks! The Sex Factor tour autumn tour has drawn to a close and we have had the most amazing feedback from staff and students. Visiting new schools has been brilliant - especially when one of them came through a teacher whose son had seen the show at their school. Then our 21st year at Chauncy School performing 5 different plays in 3 days for years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. A chat with the school councillor at the end of the last day made us all remember how important the work we are doing is, she said that a few of the students had said how beneficial our sessions had been, one even said, that it had changed her life! Thank you to all the fantastic teachers and staff that support our work - your commitment, openness and dedication help us make a difference, and keep changing lives for the better.

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