The Sex Factor

A Complete Relationship & Sex Education Package

  A years worth of PSHE in a day

Aimed at years 9-11

The project includes:

Productions • Interactive workshops • Classroom sessions • Teaching resources • Q & A • Teacher training 

"What a fantastic day we have had with your team, they are brilliant. All the staff are singing their praises. They were highly skilled at reading our students' reactions so they could pitch the messages appropriately and were excellent at handling tricky responses. The whole year were fully engaged and focused throughout the day. Staff went back in their free time to see the part 2 performance."                                                                    PSHCE Lead Teacher Roundwood Park


Audience up to 240

Part 1 - 'Now' 60 mins

Part 2 - 'The Future' 30 mins

Both parts are required 


Follow up interactive sessions

Minimum 45 minutes

Maximum numbers  per workshop 80

Multiple leaders run simultaneous sessions throughout the day


Free teaching resources for staff

Download presentations

Full guide on project delivery &

links to PSHE & Statutory Guidelines


Training sessions for staff on RSE delivery, including resources.

Creative, involving and engaging classroom solutions

The Sex Factor Project
The Sex Factor Project
The main focus of the project is to give young people the information and tools they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds. 
We aim to highlight aspects of personality and society, to challenge stereotypes and discrimination. By taking participants on a journey, involving them through emotive and exciting performances, they can relate to our facilitators and  explore how emotions, influences and situations when combined in real life, can create the perfect storm. 
(In a full day project)
Different types of relationships • Trust • Respect • Honesty • Boundaries • Consent • Privacy • Challenging & understanding stereotypes • Coercion • The Law • Mental & Physical wellbeing •  Pornography • Sexting • STI's • Pressure • Drugs • Sexuality • Suicide • Pregnancy • Contraception • Body image • Self Esteem • Bullying • Divorce • Exams
The S Factor full day package
How the day works
Tour Dates

JUNE - JULY 2021 - Limited availability

SEPT -  NOV 2021 

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JAN 21st - FEB 27th 2022

MAY 19th - JULY 21st 2022

We believe that RSE and PSHE needs to be as exciting and compelling as the media and commercial influences it contends with.
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