The Incredible Story

An interactive digital theatre experience & complete literacy package for primary schools.

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"The most amazing experience for our children, they loved it (and so did the staff) even the year 5's (some of whom are too cool for school) got involved and were running around the classroom looking for the 'book'." 
Literacy Co-ordinator Tudor School

1 hour

Download- No streaming!

1 years usage

Suitable for reception - year 6

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Cleverly designed to get children involved. Pupils take part in every scene. A simple teacher guide brings the film to life.


* Free curriculum linked teaching resources for each key stage.

* Free fundraising pack.

* Presentations & handouts


15 minute Zoom sessions to help bring the film to life in your school.

Technical support.

Children Reading the Holy Bible
Our most successful live primary school performance has been turned into a magical digital theatre experience to celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.
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'The Incredible Story - by the boy who didn't like books' is a highly interactive, engaging and funny literacy play brought to life on screen .  The project is designed to inspire children to fall in love with stories - reading, writing and telling them!

A hassle free literacy experience

  • An interactive film for the whole school to enjoy. Suitable for EYFS-Year 6

  • Designed specifically for schools and for pupils to get involved.

  • With a little teacher support this is as engaging as a live theatre experience.

  • A download link to watch the film wherever, whenever and as many times as you like up until Feb 2023.

  • One fixed price for the whole package.

  • Full online support and optional quick zoom training to make the event even more special.

  • A free extensive teaching resource pack full of literacy initiatives, classroom activities and ideas all linked to the curriculum.

  • A free fundraising pack with designs, ideas and print outs to help your school raise some funds.

  • £250 + VAT (Contact us for specific discounts and offers)

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  No matter what the pandemic brings your pupils wont miss out!  Our digital theatre productions are a safe solution and they make anything  possible!
Filmed in a beautiful theatre, with a wonderful set, lights and  added special effects it's not like watching a normal film!
Plus pupils have to get involved in the action.
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"The best show I've seen in 25 years of teaching" 
Teacher St Vincent De Paul School
Childrens book week

What's the story?

Ben doesn't want to write a story for his homework, he'd rather be playing games or wathcing TV , when mum  threatens to throw all his tech away Ben gets upset and throws all his books on the floor. The pages,stories and characters all become muddled and with some theatre magic a new book appears - in the film -  and in your classroom!  


The audience become Ben's 'Creative Powers' and journey with him through well-known stories. They will need to use their imaginations, get out of their chairs, shout, laugh and write, in order to help him get a motley collection of characters back to where they belong and create an incredible new story. Your Creative Powers (along with some royalty, pirates, ghosts, wizards and wolves) will be having so much fun, they might not even notice the literacy skills they're learning along the way...

The Educational Elements

Throughout the fun theatre antics we include PSHE and national curriculum areas supporting literacy, reading and the big write. The 'The Incredible Story' is a brilliant World Book Day activity and it's also packed with curriculum linked ideas. As Ben is encouraged to explore the wonder of his imagination, and the joy of reading for pleasure, so are the audience, and every character that appears has something to involve the audience with as well as some knowledge to share. 


To give you a taste of how it works Prince Charming needs help to woo the Princess and with the help of the audience writes some modern poetry (a rap). The Wolf needs help as he's lost his setting and the audience have to think about a setting and can get up and create it. Sally Jotter reveals the magic of imagination as we conjure up a beanstalk and Aladdin reveals the power of description.

The Interaction

During the film pupils will continually take part in fun audience interaction. 

Can your pupils find and fill in their own blank 'Incredible Story' book in your classroom?

You are encouraged to participate by the characters throughout the film and every scene offers a chance to get involved..

The package comes with a clear and simple 1 page guide accompanying the film explaining how to really bring it all to life, with some simple ideas as to how the digital experience can be enhanced within your school. 

If it helps, we are offering a free brief online training session for teachers as part of the film package.

Educational resources

To help inspire pupils and teachers we have included a bundle of teaching resources. Your school will receive a folder with ready made PowerPoint activities, classroom hand outs, a fundraising pack and editable artwork for you to adapt and use for World Book Day, book week, the big write or your own literacy initiative.

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