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COVID-19 Update

We have been devastated to have to cancel our face-to-face productions and workshops throughout the summer term and it looks like the Autumn term is going to be delayed with current restrictions in place.  We are working to create some fantastic digital options to ensure that young people can still get informed, involved and inspired.  Our creative minds have been working non-stop to overcome the current hurdles so that we can still bring the highest quality productions and workshops to students in the safest ways possible - now more than ever the emotional and mental wellbeing of young people needs to be supported.  Our big shows will be back on the road as soon as we can and we are taking bookings for the spring and summer tours in 2021 and we are honouring all our bookings from 2020.  Our 'Consent Event' runs well with smaller groups and can be delivered to 'bubbles' with short performed scenes and discussions in the classroom. There are a range of options so contact us if you would like to know more.  We are also producing "Exposed" an education film package that will take our live "Exposed" project to a whole new level. For primary schools this years "National Elf Service" pantomime film experience couldn't be more appropriate.  We know how tricky things are right now so give us a call or drop us a line to see if we can make things work for you and your students.

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Secondary & Colleges


    Secondary, KS3, KS4 Ages 13-16

    RSE, Physical & Mental wellbeing,

    Healthy relationships, decision making.

    A complete RSE package for an entire year group. Meeting statutory guidelines.

    1/2 and Full day options.

    Includes: Performances, workshops, Q & A and free teaching resources.


    Secondary, KS3, Ages 12-14

    Physical & Mental wellbeing, RSE,

    Self esteem, 

    Exploring how relationships and  behaviour are linked to emotions and our mental health. 1/2 and full day options.

    Includes: Performances, workshops, Q & A and free teaching resources



    Secondary, KS3, KS4 Ages 12-16

    Addiction,Internet awareness, Bullying, Conflict, Puberty and Change. 

    There are 5 shows to choose from, each with a different theme and carefully adapted to be age appropriate. A range of delivery options which all include a show and highly interactive workshops.


    Secondary,College KS4, KS5 15-18

    RSE, Consent, Sexuality, Abuse, Coercion, Sexual and mental health.

    A mature and challenging production alongside involving workshops. This project covers a vast range of topics looking at life and relationships post 16.

    From 2 hours to a full day package.


  • Bullied Britain

    Primary, KS1, KS2 Ages 5-11

    Healthy friendships, Buyllying, Respect

    Boundaries, Safety, Mental wellbeing.

    A choice of shows that are followed by interactive workshops.  Each project is age appropriate and meets a range of the new government statutory requirements.

  • Connected Britain

    Primary, KS1, KS2 Ages 5-11

    Internet safety, Online relationships, Self esteem/image, Information & data.

    Years 1-4 scenes & interactive workshops.

    Years 5-6 Production and follow up workshops. Exploring the risks, rewards and reality of our digital world.

  • Changing Britain

    Primary, KS2, Ages 9-11

    Healthy relationships, Puberty, Family, Safety, Physical health and mental wellbeing. Technology.

    A play followed by interactive workshops that explore a range of physical, emotional and life changes. 2 young teens watching

  • The Incredible Story

    Primary, Early years KS1, KS2 Ages 4-11

    Literacy, Reading, Imagination, Self esteem, creativity, relationships. 

    An educational pantomime for a whole school. Fun and interactive panto with an added theme around literacy. 1 - 3 shows per day.

Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand.

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