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2022 Update

Films, shows, tours & workshops are going strong.

 Here at TOTI we continue to rise to the constant changes and challenges. It's been a tough  couple of years for everyone and especially difficult for young people, teachers and education. We are extremely proud to have developed some new digital theatre & film resources including: "Changing Britain" and "Bullied Britain" with both primary and secondary editions. 


 Our live shows and workshops have been going from strength to strength with schools saying that they don't just tick the boxes of statutory RSE requirements but really make a difference to student's attitudes, ideas and behaviours.The response from staff and pupils has been exceptional.

  The need and support for young people's mental health and exciting and innovative RSE education is more important than ever.  The introduction of statutory guidelines at the same time as the pandemic has made the delivery even more difficult to achieve, but our 'The S Factor' and 'Network' full day projects cover nearly a year's RSE in a day!

All our projects are absorbing, exhilarating, challenging and our workshops are based on the input from students- so they are always relevant. We take issues off the page (or PowerPoint) and truly to the heart and minds of our audiences.

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