Since 1998 the creative team at Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company have been developing and delivering theatre in education projects that involve, inform and inspire those that take part.  Our work is constantly evolving and has been informed by over half a million pupils, 100's of schools, and the many councils and companies who have commissioned and supported our work.  We believe that it is essential that our educational performances and interactive workshops meet the needs of teachers, schools and statutory guidelines, but most importantly, have a lasting and positive effect on those taking part.  We employ a team of highly skilled writers, performers, directors, mental health professionals, teachers and facilitators, who combine exceptional creative skills with a strong desire and passion to make a positive difference to the lives of others. We constantly strive to offer a bespoke and personal service to everyone that we work with as we know know this achieves the greatest outcomes. Whether we are producing a one off workshop, a national tour, a film or entire educational campaign, we utilise all of our creative and educational resources to guarantee that the work will go beyond the surface.

Your team are incredible and the pupils gained so much from them. One student said "Today has literally changed my whole life. I'm seeing things so differently"

Head of PSHE St Albans High School

What we do

We deliver creative educational projects that explore current issues, relationships, sex and health education. We have a wide range of packages that meet the PSHE Association and new government RSE statutory requirements.  Our work includes:

full length productions,  residency, dropdown, off-timetable and activity days, interactive workshops, assemblies, talks, videos, teaching resources and teacher training.  From the input of over 1/2 million students and 100's of schools we adapt our content with the ever changing world and pressures on both staff and pupils.  We understand that pupil wellbeing, time and budgets are all precious which is why we tailor our work based on your needs.

How we do it

Engaging and involving every participant is at the core of every production and workshop we produce.  In our performances we weave topics into the lives, experiences and personalities of our characters, which are recognisable and relatable. Our shows, scenes, films and presentations are, exciting, fun and emotive, as this draws the audience in, creating a brilliant springboard for our  interactive sessions.  In a nurturing and inclusive style we facilitate personal involvement through activities and discussions, challenging students to really discover why people feel, think and behave the way they do and therefore empowering them greatly to make positive change.  Pupils examine issues in context and with young facilitators they can relate to.  Working directly with participants our highly trained team inspire everyone to examine their individual influences, attitudes, feelings, knowledge, and choices.