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Involving, inspiring, informing

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Since 1998 the creative team at Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company have been developing and delivering theatre in education projects that involve, inform and inspire those that take part. Our work is constantly evolving and has been informed by over half a million pupils, hundreds of schools, and the many councils and companies who have commissioned and supported our work.  


We believe that it is essential that our educational performances and interactive workshops meet the needs of teachers, schools and statutory guidelines, but most importantly, have a lasting and positive effect on those taking part.  We employ a team of highly skilled writers, performers, directors, mental health professionals, teachers and facilitators, who combine exceptional creative skills with a strong desire and passion to make a positive difference to the lives of others.


Whether we are producing a one off workshop, a national tour, a film or entire educational campaign, we utilise all of our creative and educational resources to guarantee that the work will go beyond the surface.


Angel High

@TOTItheatre Thanks so much for coming to Sir john lawes today, your

performance was outstanding and truly inspirational, Great work!

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Engaging and involving every participant is at the core of every production and workshop we produce.

In our performances we weave statutory RSE & PSHE topics into the lives, experiences and personalities of recognisable and relatable characters. Our shows, scenes, films and presentations are always exciting, fun and emotive, designed to draw the audience in and create a brilliant springboard for our interactive sessions.


In our workshops, we actively work on not telling young people what to do, or how to feel. Instead, we encourage open, frank and non judgemental debate in order to empower them to choose the healthiest and happiest choices for them, with others' wellbeing always in mind and an awareness of mental health at the core of all our work.

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