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Years 9 - 10


Healthy relationships. Pressure. Identity. Pleasure. Sexuality. Pregnancy. Self-esteem. Gender Stereotypes. Mental health & STIs

The Project


Our most popular project. An exciting, immersive, and full-length theatrical production that follows three young people as they navigate relationships, pressure, substances, sexuality, consent, and the impact of ailing mental health.

The day aims to give young people the skills to make the most fulfilling and healthy choices for them, without shame and based on a knowledge of the psychology, sociology and biology around sex and relationships.



Our most successful format for a residency day sees an hour performance for the full year group followed by 2 different interactive, debate based workshops for up to 90 at a time, run by our staff, with extensive classroom resources provided for optional teacher-led sessions. 


The day culminates in a final, 'Act 2' performance and an anonymous Q&A, focussing on the facts.


How the Day Works


Tour Dates 2022 - 2023

Autumn Term
October - November

Spring Term

Summer Term
May - July 


Intimate and sexual relationships, including sexual health (how to recognise positive and negative relationships, consent and pressure)

The facts around contraception, STIs and pregnancy.

Online and Media (the law around nudes and sexting when under 18, the distorted image of sex portrayed in pornography.

How stereotypes around gender, religion, race and sexual orientation can cause damage and mutual respect in romantic and plutonic relationships.

Successful parenting, generational trauma and different kinds of families.

Mental health in relation to drugs and alcohol, the physical and psychological causes and consequences of addiction. 

Mental Wellness being paramount to happy, fulfilling lives, recognising early signs of poor mental health, positive coping strategies and the benefit of talking about our feelings.

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Alexander Mohan

@TOTItheatre You made Friday #sexed the best it could be, which was very awkward and easy to laugh at. But you taught a lot. Thanks!


@TOTItheatre it was very emotional and eye opening! I never thought that love could be so powerful!

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