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Years 5 - 8


Bullying. Mental Health. Puberty. Empathy. Online Safety. Puberty. Peer pressure & substance abuse.


The Projects


There are four projects in the ‘Beyond the Surface’ series:

CHANGING (puberty), live show or film option available

BULLIED (bullying), live show or film option available

CONNECTED (internet use), live show available

ADDICTED (drugs & addiction), live show available 

All four follow an episode of 'Beyond the Surface', a fly on the wall style tv show performed on stage, or presented on screen as a film. The presenter and audience, along with the two teenagers watching the programme from their living room, follow a variety of people of different ages, backgrounds, and personality types as they navigate the nuances of the chosen topic. 




Each project consists of either a 40 – 50 minute performance for up to 250 students, performed at the beginning of the day (or a showing of the film) with either one or two different interactive workshops.

Half or Full Day Options.

How the Day Works


Recognising and maintaining positive relationships, including friendships. Mutual respect, honesty and empathy.

Online and Media, unhealthy comparisons online, online risk, cyber bullying, the impact of sharing sensitive material online.

How stereotypes around gender, religion, race, disability and sexual orientation can be damaging.

The importance of seeking help and advice when needed, where to find help.

Mental Wellness being paramount to happy, fulfilling lives, recognising early signs of poor mental health, positive coping strategies and the benefit of talking about our feelings.

The key facts about puberty, the changing adolescent body and mind and menstrual wellbeing *'Changing' specific

The facts surrounding drugs and alcohol in relation to physical and mental well being *'Addicted' specific


@TOTItheatre can you pls thank Stephen, Lou and Gemma for doing a gr8 job on the play at Chauncy. They really opened up my eyes and made me :)

FILM Dates with live workshops 2022 - 2023

All year round, dependant on facilitator availability

LIVE Tour Dates 2022 - 2023

Spring Term

Autumn Term
October - November

Summer Term
May - July 

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