Beyond the Surface

A series of plays, films and workshops

5 different projects available 

Addiction • Bullying • Online & Media • Changing • Conflict

The projects can include:

Live productions • Films • Interactive workshops • Classroom sessions • Teaching resources • Q & A • Teacher training 

"It is remarkable that each year you give us something special both in terms of the drama performances but also in the workshops. The responses of the pupils throughout the day and their comments to us the following week indicate just how much they enjoyed and appreciated it"

                         Head of PSHE Haberdashers Aske's School

Bullied Britain Project
Bullied Britain Trailer
5 Different shows to choose from
Bullied Britain  - Film or live show
Is it bullying or is it banter?
Looking at the causes, types and solutions to bullying.
Changing Britain - Film or live show
Physical, emotional and big life changes. Understanding them, so you can manage them.
Connected Britain - Live show
How does technology influence our lives, emotions and self esteem. Are we at risk and how do we make sure we are in control?
Addicted Britain - Live show
Looking at all aspects of addiction across our nation. What leads us into bad habits and how can we develop healthy attitudes and behaviours.
Conflict Britain - Live show
Examining aggressive behaviour and communication styles. Learning to become a better communicator and how to raise rather than lower self esteem. 

30-45 minutes

Audience up to 180

Years 7-10 

5 shows available


Follow up interactive sessions

Minimum 45 minutes

Multiple timetable and delivery options available.


Free teaching resources for staff

Download presentations

Full guide on project delivery &

links to PSHE & Statutory Guidelines


Training sessions for staff on project topics, including resources.

Creative, involving and engaging classroom solutions

Based on our imaginary "Beyond the Surface" fly on the wall documentary series, each of our 5 shows focuses on 2 teenagers watching a different episode.
The plays and films are made up of clips from the invented programme, reactions of those watching it, as well as glimpses of other shows and adverts.
The format allows for an extensive look at an issue in a short space of time.
From teenagers to parents, the pub to the school play ground, the ideas of school children to doctors and psychologists, these performances are an excellent springboard for our follow-up workshops or to run our supplied classroom resources.
The shows vary in content and can be delivered to different year groups.
Changing Britain Trailer
Contact us as we can create bespoke workshop timetables to suit you
Tour Dates
Available all year
We believe that RSE and PSHE needs to be as exciting and compelling as the media and commercial influences it contends with.
Tip of the Iceberg Ltd

Contact us to discover how we can tailor our projects to meet your specific requirements, availability and for an exact quote.


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