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Years 9 - 13


Consent. Pornography. Toxic masculinity. Coercive and controlling relationships. Domestic violence. Sexual assault & rape

The Project


The content of our Consent Days are altered to reflect the age of the students attending. They consist of either 1 or 2 workshops for up to 90 at a time that can be repeated several times throughout the day.


Workshop 1 includes four short scenes which look at consent in variety of different scenarios - following each one, the two performers and facilitator lead the pupils in debate around their views on the characters, focussing on the perpetrators' motives.


Workshop 2 (optional) is led by just one facilitator, who leads the students in debate around impulse control, communication styles, pornography and rape culture.

Ultimately, we guide the students to look at consent through a moral lens, to explore their own attitudes and desires and to the reasons why someone, of any gender, might choose to harass or assault another person. The day aims to help them recognise those behaviours in both themselves and other people.




Judging when a family, friend, intimate or other relationship is unsafe (and to recognise this in others' relationships).

What constitutes sexual harassment and violence and why these are always unacceptable.

How stereotypes around gender, religion, race and sexual orientation can cause damage (especially in the context of consent)

That sexually explicit material e.g pornography can negatively effect how people behave towards their sexual partners.

How people can actively communicate and recognise consent in others, how and when consent can be withdrawn (in all contexts)


Coercive and controlling relationships, domestic violence, rape culture and toxic masculinity.

Tour Dates 2022 - 2023

Autumn Term
October - November

Spring Term

Summer Term
May - July 

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Worked with @TOTItheatre at school today, was really interesting and helpful, thank you!

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