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We have been delivering creative educational projects that explore current issues, relationships, sex and health education for primary and secondary, comprehensive and independent schools up and down the country since 1998


We have a wide range of packages that meet the PSHE Association and new government RSE statutory requirements, including full length productions, off-timetable and activity days, interactive workshops, talks, films, teaching resources and teacher training. We are constantly adapting our content to reflect an ever changing world and the pressures on both staff and pupils.


We understand that pupil wellbeing, time and budgets are all precious which is why we tailor our work based on your needs.


Workshops, performances, training

But don't take our word for it

Alexander Mohan

@TOTItheatre You made Friday #sexed the best it could be, which was very awkward and easy to laugh at. But you taught a lot. Thanks!


Thanks to @TOTItheatre had a wicked day your performance was amazing :)

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